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Setra – The Mountain Farm Amerikabrevene – The Letters from America 25 august, 2010

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Two novels by (Mrs.) Gunlaug Nøkland

Mette is a young girl who gets a summer job at a mountain farm. Here she meets an elderly lady who with her life creates a nice atmosphere and much inspiration. A young man, Morten, appeals to her emotions. The faith and the life as a Christian shines through as the three meet there in the mountain area. The nature and the animals bear testimony to the sreation of God. The story begins with the book Setra – The mountain farm.

In book number two Mette marries Morten, and they move to the valley. There she in many ways feels like a foreigner. There are several things not to be talked about among the people in the neighbourhood, and sometimes she feels it a bit depressing. Something bad has happened in the past. As Morten’s uncle Torkel dies, they search through his old house. In a chest they find some old letters from America. Some of them seem to have been thoroughly studied several times. Through the letters Mette and Morten get impression of their relatives` hard  travel over the North See, Heavy burdens, sickness and death, longing and loss, but also hope and dreams for the future. After some work they get in contact with their relatives in USA, and a whole new world opens up for them. They travel over there, and get an exciting reunion with their relatives.

Gunlaug Nøkland writes in a folksy style. God is the creator and the upholder, and He cares about the individual. Communication is an important theme in the story. We can create more problems than necessary, if we don’t  talk openly together.


This book is dedicated to Andrea Ritchie and Ed Hansen, my two second cousins in the USA.

After many years of separation and contact whatsoever we now enjoy a renewed relationship.

An older sister of my grandmother emigrated to the USA over 100 years ago. Her siblings had continued contact with her until after she and her husband passed away.

Some years later a younger brother having had no direct heirs left a monetary legacy to be shared by his unknown family in the America as well those in Norway.

Thanks to the efforts of The Salvation Army, we were able to locate them after a year of intensive searching.

This book is not about my family roots however, the story is somewhat inspired by history’s revelations.

I would like to again extend a heartfelt thanks to The Salvation Army for their assistance in this writing.

Gunlaug Nøkland


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